December 24, 2018

On both sides


Yes, of course they want a deal they can present internally as a win (or at least, as good for them). 

They come to the table with baggage.  They want to make sure they’ve covered all the angles and left nothing out, that you’re not taking advantage of a superior position, of better information, of their ignorance, or … bottom line … of them. It’s probably happened to them before (or they know people who say it has) and they want to make sure it won’t happen here.

Let’s assume too that their intentions are good. They want a deal that works for both sides – which means one where you’re as motivated to do your best and they’re happy that you will.

Even then … it’s going to be difficult, uncomfortable, stormy and frustrating … but keep the end in mind.

Skippy strategy: Negotiate on the working assumption that the finish line is waiting.