October 5, 2018

On the conveyor


So much of what we do is dealing with … stuff.

Stuff that goes wrong, stuff for clients, stuff that needs fixing, stuff that has to be done, stuff that demands attention, stuff we kinda-sorta hate, stuff we kinda-sorta love. Stuff. It fills our days. We deal with one set of stuff and and move on the next. Busy people doing busy things for other busy people.

It can feel like a conveyor belt of stuff. Never quite managing to appreciate a thing before you have to put it down and deal with the next thing coming along the track.

But actually, not all stuff is created equal.

Some of it is good stuff, that deserves to be appreciated, that deserves to be shared, that deserves it’s place in the sun.

When one comes along, don’t put it back on the conveyor. Make it shine.

Skippy strategy: Shine up the good stuff.