April 9, 2016

Option one


There are some things that you just can’t control. The sun always rises in the east, the traffic always gets in the way when it wants to, and some people always act in their own self interest no matter how much you wish they’d walk in your shoes and change their mind.

Them’s the breaks.

The worst option is to rage and shake your fist at every, possible, opportunity. It gets you nowhere, brings everyone down, and loses friends faster than a fraudster.

Next to worst, but definitely better: put it in a box. Know it’s there, work around it. Accept the anger, but tie down the lid.

Way out front: get over it and move on. Waste no energy on if-onlys. Take the world the way you find it and make your own way through it.

Skippy strategy: The only control you really have, is over yourself.