April 25, 2021

Or reactive

Empire State

When you know, you know. And it’s easy to say that you should deal with it, because, you know, and not dealing with things you know sounds more like politics than management. Problem is, you don’t want to. Problem is, not dealing with things is so much easier. Problem is, dealing with things means not only dealing with something you don’t want to deal with, but it brings up an entirely new reality that comes with another set of problems, possibly big ones, and certainly many you can’t foresee. And still, when you know, you know.

Maybe it will resolve itself. Maybe you won’t have to deal with it because it will be overtaken with circumstance and you can get on with the kind of firefighting that only needs reaction rather than active choice.

The question: who do you want to be in control?

Skippy strategy: Active or reactive?