November 9, 2021

Or the slider


We’ve all had good members of the team – the one’s who had a clear place and always added value – become less good. Maybe the team grew around them and they lost their sense of purpose, maybe their skillset became redundant and they their confidence dropped, maybe the had other interests outside of the team and their attention wavered. In every case, maybe is was them, maybe it was you, probably it was both.

The thing about good members of the team, they get the benefit of the doubt. And when they waver you give them slack, you let the little things slide. You excuse them – they’ll get back on track, they’ll turn it around. And you let things slide a little more.

And the thing about letting things slide, it becomes the new normal. And that’s not good for you, the team, or the slider.

Skippy strategy: Don’t let things slide.