July 31, 2019

Out of whack


There’s nothing exciting or ground breaking about realistic expectations. No one’s going to jump up and down. There won’t be any ra-ra at the start of the sales meeting, the customer won’t be roused with electrifying joy.

But they will be happy. Happy that they have a pretty good handle on what’s likely to happen, good or bad. Happy that the over commitment or under delivery or bang on target-ness has been recognised and that everyone can make a plan based on, erm, expectations that are, erm, realistic.

Which doesn’t sound spectacular, but can be spectacularly rare. When sales or projects or suppliers or customers or production or logistics or finance or partners or we … over promise, under promise, pull the wool, pretend, close their eyes and refuse to listen to what everyone is saying … that expectations are out of whack.

Skippy strategy: Hot or bland, set expectations at Real.