February 8, 2018

Outside your circle


It’s important to face inward.

To concentrate on your business, your relationships, your colleagues, your team, your organisation. To have the meetings and do the work so all the moving parts know what they’re doing and integrate well with each other. To spend time in meetings and over coffee and at lunches and events with the explicit intention of building cohesion and respect.

Any time spent making the organisation better at doing what it does is productive time.

And yet … don’t forget the why of the thing. Customers – whether internal or external.

If it’s important to face inward, it’s critical to face outward.

Turn your eyes and ears outside your circle. See the impact, listen to the stories. Work out how what you do, and the way you do it, affects the people and organisations you do it for.

Skippy strategy: Tune the internals, absolutely – focused by the externals.