October 27, 2019

Outsiders in


Inside the organisation are lots of people you pay to be there and, like it or not, brief against it or not, explicitly advise them otherwise or not, they’ll agree with you more days than not. Partly that’s because of aligned thinking. Partly though, it’s because they’ve stopped questioning, stopped second guessing, and sometimes, started to take an easier road.

They self certify. Self censor. Centre their self on groupthink.

It’s not something you can beat. It is something you can out manoeuvre. Get out of the building. Out of the echo chamber. Go to trade shows, customer meetings, networking events. Speak on panels, at conferences, to your friends’ friends. In anyplace and to anyone who isn’t contractually or habitually motivated to keep you happy.

If you want an unbiased outsider opinion, go outside to find it.

Skippy strategy: For unbiased, unvaneered, reliably honest opinions, go outside the inner circle.