February 17, 2021

Own it


Every now and again you let yourself down. Option one (route one?) is to bluff it out: pretend it didn’t happen, convince yourself (really?) and everyone else that there were reasonable reasons, real excuses, that it wasn’t your fault and maybe nobody will notice in the first place. Depending on your position, it’s likely that most people around you will make nothing of it, that they’ll give you as easy a pass as you gave yourself, they might even make excuses for you and do whatever than can to make you feel better about it.

Thing is, you let yourself down and no amount of hiding behind the sofa is going to change that.

Option two then, is to own it: take it on the chin, make apologies (I’m sorry) where appropriate and do whatever it takes to stop it happening again.

Skippy strategy: Look in the mirror and own it.