September 9, 2019

Part noticing


Customers expect your attention.

Whether they’re customer number 1, 101 or 1,001, if they’re taking money out of their bank account and putting it into yours, they’re working on the assumption that you care enough about them and their transaction and their custom to take effort and attention out of your bucket and pass it down the line.

If it’s a simple transactional exchange, they’re paying for the product and not much else. If it’s a service based game, their demands are higher.

Either way, when things go wrong, everyone expects you to put it right.

Your business model, your organisational structure, your moral yardstick all need to line up with the deal … provide the product or service they’re paying for, give enough care and attention so everyone’s happy, sort things out when they go wrong.

Skippy strategy: Attention … part noticing, part doing something about it.