August 31, 2019

People say Yes


We like it when people agree with us. And if that’s all that matters we can smile and get on with the next thing. When it’s more important, when dependencies and contingencies are hanging on the answer, we’re better drilling a little deeper.

It would be nice if the Yes was considered. Sometimes though, people say Yes without much thought. Either they like to please, it’s easier to please, or they haven’t thought through the implications. Sometimes all three. One of these Yeses won’t come with much commitment, won’t be based on an understanding of what it means to them and what it means to you, won’t be built from a base of capability and capacity. Delivery will be dependent on their desire to keep you happy in the long term, or their not minding if they don’t.

Skippy strategy: If it’s a Yes, make sure it’s foundations are secure.