September 22, 2018

People who say Yes


There’s always plenty of reasons to hold back for a little bit longer. To wait and see. To look for alternatives, and alternatives to the alternatives to the alternatives to the status quo. There are risks to think about, and half-remembered lessons to reconsider. There’s the “didn’t we try that before”, and “it didn’t work last time” negativity. And what about all the alternative courses we could follow to different destinations? And the opportunity cost of doing this instead of that? And the distraction of doing anything other than what we already know how to do?

There’s always plenty of people who default to saying No. 

People who are risk averse and nervous of the new.

People who get stuck in time.

People who … wait.

The people who move forward, who make things happen, who change the world … say Yes.

Skippy strategy: Work with and find the people who say Yes.