May 9, 2021

Plan enough


So here’s the plan. At least, here’s the lumpy plan. We’ve worked out the objective and the major hurdles and milestones we’ll pass if we’re to get where we’re heading. It’s the bones of a plan. An outline. Then what?

At one extreme, we’d drill down to ever greater levels of detail until we know and have mapped every step of the way. It will be the best prediction ever written and we’ll all know that it won’t survive first contact. At the other extreme, we’d run gunh ho into the fray. We know where North is, let’s get on with it, no more planning needed – and we all know we’ll spend most of our time thrashing around in the undergrowth trying to work out where we are.

In the pragmatic middle, enough of a plan to be clear, and no more.

Skippy strategy: Plan enough so you know the plan.