November 18, 2017

Plan for icebergs


There are people in every organisation who seem to hold the keys to the kingdom; crucial pieces of information and years of corporate knowhow wrapped up inside their heads. And you think … how could we ever do without them, what would happen if they were ill or walked away, how can we ever replace them?

Which is dangerous.

You’re dependent on a single point of failure.

Problem is … there are always icebergs. And if you miss them, what happens if your single point of failure springs their own leak? When they fail to keep up with change or stop performing the way you’d like. When they’re failing and there’s nothing you dare do about it?

What happens is … you start sinking. Slowly. And everything drags.

The remedy?

Systematise. Get everything out of their head. Remove the element of proprietary information.

Skippy strategy: Plan for icebergs.