January 15, 2021

Play whack-a-mole


As you grow, things come up that just get done. It’s no one’s particular responsibility and everyone kind of mucks in and gets on with it. A few minutes here, a half hour there, sometimes him, sometimes her. The front end, the marketing, support, back office. Over time, some of these issues grow until they’re enough of a thing that we hire someone just to look after them. Most times, that person keeps whacking the mole so it never gets out of hand. And so the world goes around.

Problem is, those moles keep on coming and some of them are bigger and starting to dig holes that have impact.

There’s a difference between making it someone’s job to whack moles, and making it their responsibility to make sure moles never have a chance. Option two is better.

Skippy strategy: Engineer the system so you don’t have to play whack-a-mole.