September 24, 2015



You’d think that it is all about substance. That form is less than function. That how it works is more important than how it looks. That they see it for the magnificence that’s woven through every thread.

But they walk on by.

Having invested all that time, sweat, attention to detail, ideas, brainstorming and filtering and consolidating and winnowing and honing until it’s properly done … what’s did we forget?

Might be polish.

Not artifice. Not lipstick on a pig. Not chroming. Not disguise.

Polish. That extra 1% of effort that shows off the 99%.

Sure it’s an attention grabber; nothing wrong with that.

The real point of polish: it’s an outward sign of care. There’s something worth finding inside.

The counterpoint: if you din’t pay attention to that bit, what else have you left unloved, unfinished?

Even when you’re tired … wax on, wax off.

Skippy strategy: Don’t stop at 99%. Don’t forget the polish.