September 6, 2020

Prefer to guess


Would you rather know or would you prefer to guess? And if that’s your answer, what choice do you suppose everyone else would make? And if you know that, why do you find yourself having to guess all the time, and why do you leave your team and your customers and you partners in the dark?

Everybody wants to know. It’s normally better for them if they do. 

The problem is, it’s often better for the source if they don’t – or at least, that’s what they imagine. They think, I’ll tell them what I think they want to hear, which might be the truth, a version of the truth, or maybe just something that stops them worrying for a while. They do it, you do it, we all use our judgement.

Skippy strategy: Whenever you possible can, give them the benefit of the doubt, and shine the light on the actual truth.