January 15, 2018

Prioritise integrity


Yes you have to prioritise.

Some things are more important than others. Some customers, some contacts, some projects, some firefights will always take precedence over others. Everyone’s in the same boat and everyone knows that sometimes something less important (them) will get bumped in favour of something more important. Them’s the breaks.

But that isn’t a licence to let people down. It doesn’t give you freedom to change plans at any moment and expect everyone else to accept your capricious tendencies. They’ll accommodate you today because you gave them no choice, but you’ve taught them not to trust you with their time tomorrow.

They’ve made a commitment, they’ve executed, they’ve prioritised, they’ve arranged their life to fit around you … and you’ve let them down.

When you’re fast and loose with priorities – the non-expedient one to keep in mind: reputation.

Skippy strategy: The ultimate priority is your integrity.