November 27, 2018

Promises made


They say they’ve done one thing when they’ve actually done another. They’ll tell you the cheque is in the post when it isn’t, the report is looking good when it isn’t started yet, they’re in shape to ship at the end of the week when they’re not even nearly and maybe it’ll be the end of some week but definitely not this one.

Or maybe it’s all true.

Either way, the safest bet when there’s no track record telling you how it’s likely to go down is to work on the certainty of actions taken rather than promises made.

Don’t send the product on the promise of a purchase order.

Don’t commit cash until the investor’s is in your account.

Don’t make the journey until you know they’re making theirs.

Get ready, get set … don’t be the only one.

Skippy strategy: Plan on good intentions, but move on certain actions.