April 23, 2019

Push through the process

Clark Street Dog

Everything seems clear and simple immediately after the idea. It hasn’t had time to get complicated yet. Not understood, not nuanced, not realistic in relation to the way the world really works or how it might fit between or around or over the existing pieces. Simple.

Then the work begins. With tools or with words. What was once just a flash gains substance and complexity. The problems and speed bumps and cracks and naivety. Overwhelms.

Give up or push through.

More work. More words. Some how, some way, we pull it together and push it out into the light. An idea given substance.

Push again.

Now the real work. The real words. The first that have the potential to breath life. Without ego or vested interests. With focus and humility, strip back the complexity – to elegant, substantial, clear.

Skippy strategy: Push through the process until clarity and simplicity return.