December 26, 2020

Pushing back


Anytime you’re planning on raising the level of accountability, it becomes pretty clear pretty quickly that you’ll struggle. The reason: the level of accountability you have today is determined by the systems, processes and management you have in place today. If you want to crank things up a gear – and most organisations do – then you have to crank up the systems, the processes and the management too.

Which is where the nice idea – the strategic idea – meets the operational reality. We can’t do what we want to do because we don’t already do what we want to do.

Just like all change – increasing accountability means taking on existing systems and processes and management, all designed to produce consistent results. Put more simply, to resist change.

If you want changes, buckle up because you’re about to butt some vested interests.

Skippy strategy: Enabling change means pushing back those who push back.