September 10, 2019

Putting down the old


The organisation and structure and people and resources you have today are more than likely the same as you had yesterday – flexed a little here and there. And that’s probably ok. The processes that were good yesterday can still pull their weight for a some time. But only for so long. After a while, the model that once worked, creaks, and then cracks, and will eventually break under the shifting stresses from an ever changing market.

The team will have to grow. The systems will have to be updated. The information flows will have to beef up. Capabilities will have to adapt. New people, new departments, new ideas. New dances.

And that means letting go of the old. Putting away some trusted tools. Not all of them – but definitely some.

Skippy strategy: Picking up the new and newly appropriate means putting down the old and soon to be outgrown.