October 29, 2021

Question and simplify


Every process is designed to deliver a specific change, to transform something from one state to the next. At the very least, the process changes it’s position (like moving it along on the conveyer) or it’s about combining things (like with a screw), or creating something entirely new (like knowledge work). It’s easy to fixate on the process, to think about efficiencies, to squeeze incremental gains, or even to find new ways to do get to the same resulting transformation. Everything the same but everything just a little bit better.

And that’s good.

But, the processes deliver the transformations deliver the end result.

And sometimes the better places to focus are the transformations or the results themselves. Do we need to do this at all? Why are we doing this? Can we remove steps? Should we build to different ends?

Skippy strategy: Question and simplify, before polishing or complicating.