May 26, 2016

Rage and pride


It’s not possible to please all of the people all of the times they wish you’d bend over backwards and bail them out of their difficulties. Sometimes, yes. Always, no.

Most people understand.

Most customers understand that as long as you’ve held up your side of the bargain and they’ve signed off, everything after is based on relationship. Call it good will, karma or business development – we help out when we can.

Problems start when, after the fact, one side doesn’t agree what was the other’s side of the bargain – and they want a little more.

Accusations and acrimony fill the fog with rage. If pride is at stake … times ten.

What to do?

Know exactly where you stand: What was agreed? What is in writing? What happened when?

If they’re right, knuckle down.

If you’re right, offer a way out that saves faces.

Skippy strategy: Be reasonable, then stand firm.