March 3, 2016

Raise a flag


It’s easy to criticise, to say what you don’t like, to be an away-from person. To dig, and prod, and blow their house down. It’s catching too – you start puffing, they join in. Before the water’s bubbled through the cooler, everyone’s head-shaking and nobody’s happy.

It’s harder to stand for something, to raise a flag, to lead a charge, to be a run-towards person. To define, and champion, and build their house up. It’s catching too – you make the call, they join in. Before there’s dust on your shirt-tails you’ve changed the world.

Just a bit.

But an important bit.

Your bit.

It’s harder, but it’s easier than you think. In coffee shops and conference rooms, there’s people looking for fellow travellers. Plenty.

Skippy strategy: Work out what you stand for, and raise a flag for it.