December 18, 2018

Rebuilding it


Focused on your thing, head down and paying attention to the problems in front of your feet, it may have escaped your attention that the world continues to turn. What was front of the pack yesterday is normal today and will be old by tomorrow. The differentiator that made you stand out no longer does. The price that captured the market is being undercut.

Every time you innovate, your customers’ expectation follow along a step or two behind. If you don’t keep innovating, they’ll walk on by. Every time you impress them with your service, they learn to expect impressive service as a matter of course. If you don’t nail it next time, they’ll look for some place that does.

Building your success on a superior dimension of value (and there’s no other way) means rebuilding it every day.

Skippy strategy: Build it so you can rebuild it.