June 6, 2018

Red flag


In every meeting, every, there’s that time when you’re talking about something you weren’t expecting. The conversation takes a turn and everybody rolls with it. No problem. If it wasn’t for the unexpected, everyone could have sent themselves by email. It’s the game that makes it worth it. So, you’re sat there, engaged, adding your value. You deal with the cul de sac and get back on the main route,

Not sometimes.

Sometimes, the cul de sac is a big ol’ loop diverted around a river that may not bring you home. Sometimes, it’s not a diversion, it’s bigger than what was supposed to be the main event. Sometimes, it’s needs more time and respect than is possible right here right now.

Wave the red flag.

Stop. And stop it from overwhelming this agenda and give it one of its own. 

Skippy strategy: Give it the respect it deserves.