March 21, 2017

Remove the barriers


Some people complain about all the things they can’t do because of all the things that are in their way. The tools they don’t have, the resources they can’t get hold of, the responsibility they need, all the little things they say are stopping them get things done.

If only I could work from home, then I’d be more productive. If only I was the boss, then I could make them do it. If only I could go to Venezuela, then I could close the deal.

One answer … take the barriers away … give them exactly what they want. Give them the tools, the resources, the responsibility.

Light the blue touch-paper, stand back, and watch them go … or not.

Keep an eye, support where necessary, let them stand on their own.

As you remove the barriers, you remove the excuses.

Skippy strategy: Give them the tools for the job.