July 7, 2017

Resistance is fertile


In the final knockings, when they say No, there’s more to it than the dictionary suggests.

When they say No, they’re telling you that there’s not enough value to justify the change.

Value is measured in ease of use, convenience, superior performance, positive vibes, utility, cost savings … all the things you talk about when you talk about your proposition.

The change is measured in the cost in terms of price, having to learn a new way to do something, pushing against received wisdom, vested interests, distraction … all the little doubts they have in the middle of the night when they weigh the negative side of the scale.

So when they resist, their resistance is fertile.

If you’re listening, they’re telling you how and where to add more value and how to shine for the kind of customer who might say Yes.

Skippy strategy: When they say No, don’t say Oh!, say Thanks.