June 10, 2021



When choosing new partners, suppliers, members of the team, even investors or customers, we all go through the dance where we work out how the other moves, how they place their feet, whether they’re predictable. Ultimately, we’re looking for fit. Excitingly or sadly, depending on perspective, there are no rules and it largely comes down to feel and a belief in alchemy. When you have no choice, you sign on the line, every other time, the dance.

One thing always to respect – rightsizing is involved. Both sides of the table are thinking … are they too big or small for us, is their experience or perspective, however good, relevant, do they understand our quantum?

There will be bad days in any relationship. When they come, it’s easier to work things through if everyone understands in their boots what the other is dealing with.

Skippy strategy: Find partners who understand each other.