September 11, 2017

Rock the iceberg


Doing what you do, for as long as you’ve done it, you have ways. Ways to run meetings, ways to talk to customers, ways to manage people and projects and processes, ways to deal with inbound change, ways to bubble things up from within. Your organisation, just like every other, is the result of objective thought and passive evolution. Effective – mmm, hmm. Complex – absolutely. Efficient – kinda, not as much as you’d like though. Fit for purpose – mostly.

It’s easy to let things drift along, doing what it does, coping with the currents. No need to rock the iceberg.

Yet there’s always a piece that niggles. That you tolerate – person, process or thing. That you know is the weakness that might just crack things open the day after tomorrow. That’s been there forever but shouldn’t keep its place.

Skippy strategy: Melt it out of the iceberg whilst the sun is shining.