July 19, 2020

Rubbish in


It goes something like this: rubbish in, rubbish out. No surprises, no one challenges the concept, self evident, nothing to see here. Yet we keep putting rubbish in and expecting a different outcome. Sure, it can happen. We can throw someone a hospital pass and somehow they dodge the hit and come out ahead of the pack. We might give them a terrible brief but they work it out and sort through the problem for a beautiful outcome. It’s possible that by some random evolutionary process a grub might one day wake up as a butterfly.

Going by the averages though, rubbish in, rubbish out.

Which means … a better brief, a clearer idea, some cleaner data, more elegant code, a friendlier relationship, direct feedback, a beautiful model, a column of actuals. And zero tolerance of rubbish.

Skippy strategy: Stop fighting when you shouldn’t have to by stop tolerating rubbish.