August 14, 2020

Rush jobs


Some things, rush jobs, can be rushed. What we always do, but a little bit quicker, or jumping them to the front of the queue. A job that we know how to do … rushed. Nothing, not quality, not completeness, not performance on any meaningful measure really suffers.

Most of the rest of the time, rush means worse, rush means lack of thought or finesse or room for polish or evolution. Rush means cutting out vital stages that are there explicitly to create value. Like this, rush means doing less than would normally be considered a decent job – which might be acceptable, and that’s the thoughtful calculus.

But rush with no reason (except it’s easier, as in less effort, or because you forgot to do it earlier) is never a thoughtful calculus. It’s just a rush.

Skippy strategy: Leave rushing for when you can and when you have to. Stay ahead.