September 24, 2016

Saving face


There’s comes a moment, oh, I don’t know, about a hundred times a day, when, just for a second or twenty, you don’t have total command of excellence.

Maybe it’s the exact meaning of an acronym or a word that’s popped out of your mouth or someone around you, or you’ve mislaid your phone and forgotten the call (have I?), or didn’t do that thing you promised to do and you’re about to meet the person you promised it for, or one of a zillion things that are (right now, dammit!) tripping you up.

Now what?

Interrupt for a definition? Call attention to something you could easily smooth over? Blame the technology? Get distracted but try not to let everyone know you’re distracted – and be more distracted because of it? Try to save face?

Or …

“What? ZRX, what’s that? … Oh, ok.”

Skippy strategy: Forget saving face, be honest.