December 24, 2020

Say the things


It’s coming to the end of the project, the month, the year. Good things happened along the way, bad things too, things we can learn from, things we can celebrate, things we should be thankful for.

Now’s a pretty good time to do all that. To bring your group together, to go over the highs and lows of the thing, to shine a light, to say thank you, to look a little deeper than normal, to be more vulnerable and less varnished, to say the things that don’t often get said.

It’s a conversation you could wing. Just start talking and see what comes up, just start talking and see who else joins in, just start talking and hope that you’ll cover the ground that needs to be covered.

Or, prepare.

Start now.

Skippy strategy: What would you say if you could say all that you’d want to hear.