February 17, 2019

Say Yes to less


As people pleasers, we like to say Yes. This tendency to agree to give people what they want sometimes gets us in two kinds of trouble.

Saying Yes when we should have said No on principle. Some ideas, some requests, some expectations are just not the way things are supposed to be – maybe they’re wrong headed, or ill timed, or based on misunderstandings or a weak brief. The correct answer, the strong willed answer, should be No and an explanation as to why not. Saying Yes just created more work and anguish as you try to square an impossible non-circle.

Saying Yes when we already have a full plate. Overcommitting is the greatest weakness of the people pleaser. It may please everyone in the moment, but is a recipe for missed commitments and/or running your legs off.

Skippy strategy: Say Yes to less, and make sure you can deliver what you say.