September 16, 2019

Service hatch


Assuming you’ve been at it for a while, you have systems in place, processes, policies. They’re designed to fit standard practices to standard problems and your job is to make sure everything is indeed a standard problem. A squish here, a pinch there – everything can be pushed through the square holes.

Until it can’t. Until something comes along that doesn’t fit the standard model.

What to do?

Abandon it? Let it sit in phone queue hell? Leave it out in the rain?

No. Everyone hates it when they’re being treated like a round peg. Including you. So welcome the challenge. Take responsibility. Use it to improve and tweak and polish the system.

Sure, build square-hole systems as efficient and effective as possible. Then look out for variances – help them through a service hatch and reengineer whilst you have it open.

Skippy strategy: For every system, compassion and a service hatch.