March 30, 2021

Service of sustenance


It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything on your shopping list of things to do. To run from one thing to the next without a plan in an endless stream of busy-ness, jumping from the fresh produce to the tins of beans to the meat counter and back to the lemons. Never quite finishing the list, never getting to the check out, never making any real progress as you fill the list but get nothing of importance done.

Start with a meal in mind, an end game. As your shopping to-do list fills up, as it always will, ignore (wait-list) what takes you away from your meal, and pick up (do) what’s on the way. Make it to the check out, finish the meal, gain the energy, and then, only then, go around again.

Skippy strategy: It’s not an endless quest, it’s in service of sustenance and growth.