October 17, 2016

Shaking hands


There are two times when shaking hands is important.

At the beginning of things – when you meet, when you’re sealing a deal, when it’s the start of a beautiful relationship. It says what it’s always said, that your sword-hand is empty, that you’re here as equals in a trust based relationship, nothing hidden, no slight of hand.

At the end of things – to say good-bye, to bring things to a close. It’s a gesture of good will, sword-hand still empty. Thanks, it was a blast. And even if not, no hard feelings.

In the middle, there’s the meat of the thing. As simple as a meeting or as complex as lawyering and a multi-year relationship.

The handshake sets up the deal.

The middle sets up the end.

The end is all about the handshake, thanks and no hard feelings.

Skippy strategy: Shake hands and honour the relationship.