November 12, 2020

Shiny bauble


There are a bunch of known problems that you’re sitting on. You’re aware that they’re there, you understand that they’re holding back progress, and you give them no attention all the same.

You work on the things you want to work on and the things other people want you to work on, and you leave dangling the things you know you should work on – that will save the other kinds of work in the long run. They’re not sexy or shiny enough – to you or the people that badger you – to gain momentum. So there they sit.

And as they sit, they’re an energy suck. A daily reminder that you haven’t prioritised the things you know you should, and a daily workaround that wastes time and effort in every extra step.

Skippy strategy: Put down at least one shiny bauble, and pick up at least one go-slow-to-go-fast un-sexy accellerator.