February 1, 2018

Ship it


Three years of writing daily nudges. What started as an exercise of anti-perfectionism and anti-procrastination – two classic away-from objectives – has morphed into a process goal.

The explicit objective is to learn-along-the-work.

To go about my day-to-day … and listen for the universal hiccups that disrupt the ideal flow, notice the chasms that swallow time and the obstacles that spit on progress. To call them out, to think out loud, and keep on moving forward.

The flip side of process is that it does actually take you somewhere.

1097 days after making a daily commitment, 1097 steps later … I’ve certainly learned a little more about non-perfectionism and non-procrastination but I’ve head-shrunk those evil twins into a positive shape.

It’s no longer about not succumbing to the non-work excuses.

It’s about the value in shipping things out the door.

1097 days of doing the work and shipping it out the door.

Skippy strategy: Ship it.