April 16, 2020

Show them


In truth, some things are always secrets. But very few are justifiable. The rest of the time, transparency, visibility, make things open, obvious, clear, explicit. 

No sacred cows or no-go areas. Get everything and as much of it as possible on the table. 

Set up dashboards of important indicators, keep an eye on them, set up alerts for when they’re moving outside of predicted norms. Talk about them, monitor them, reference them in meetings, show them in updates, plan with them, make changes to make them better.

Mine for context and understanding, ask stupid and difficult and uncomfortable and obvious questions, investigate assumptions, look below the surface. Ask the why questions, and make sure everyone understand the what and the how of the answers.

Because … transparency sets the fulcrum for every lever, and with leverage can do something about it.

Skippy strategy: Create the conditions for transparency – then look in.