August 8, 2020

Shy away


The rule is clear but sometimes it’s a guideline – like the two week holiday rule, or the visitor parking rule, or the starting the meeting on time rule.

I guess we’ve all bent the rules, and we’ve probably sanctioned our people bending them too. Most times, it’s a judgement call. A rule that normally helps the world go around, this time is getting in the way of the world going around, so we wave a wand, just this once. No harm, no foul.

The problem comes when a helpful rule, that everyone agrees with, is fractured without care and a throw-away apology. Shy away from calling it out … it becomes the new normal.

It’s definitely easier to get forgiveness than permission, but when it’s about an accepted rule, it’s smarter and way more sustainable to do it in advance.

Skippy strategy: Play by the rules, even when playing with the rules.