October 5, 2021

Simple door


There are times when things you never imagined would happen, happen. If it’s good for all parties then we’ll all smile and get on with the next thing. When it isn’t, or when ambiguity creeps in, there’s always the potential to trash to good that was there before. In other words, every day is full of opportunity and challenge.

The question then is what you do about it. For some, that choice seems to default to adding complexity. For others, to finding the simple door back to a happy place.

For anyone who’s playing the long game, who believes that business is a business based on trust, who builds relationships on win-win not nil-sum, the choice should always be pursue the happy place. So that next time, and there’s always a next time, nobody’s harbouring grudges and looking to score points.

Skippy strategy: Always look for the win-win.