February 4, 2020

Simple, straightforward


Being the kind of organisation that people and other organisations want to deal with is about more than having great people and great products or services. It’s also about being easy to work with, having efficient systems, with processes that don’t add friction at every turn.

What does that look like?

It’s looks like the opposite of frustrating systems and bureaucratic processes.

It looks like the people on your side of any interaction looking for ways to remove obstacles for the people on the other side of the interaction. It looks like terms and conditions that can be read and understood in normal language by normal people. It looks like direct dial and deep links. It looks like easy forget-me, easy paperwork, easy everything.

It looks like the kind or organisation you like to deal with yourself.

Simple, straightforward, open, honest, direct.

Skippy strategy: Be easy to do business with.