September 12, 2018

Sit a while


  Action oriented doer that you are, your default position is to push for change. To take the initiative, to update, to respond to the customer and the partner and the situation you find yourself inhabiting, to expect initiative to be taken, to get on with it, to imagine that things will be different tomorrow than they are today and that you will have taken a hand in making that happen.

Which, for the action oriented doers like yourself, doesn’t only come naturally, it’s proved a pretty successful way of making the world the way you want.

Until it doesn’t.

Until those times when you just have to let things sit a while. To recover from the madness, to percolate, to mature, and sometimes so those less action oriented types can line their minds and make the decisions they have to take without you.

Skippy strategy: The best action … might be inaction.