January 24, 2017

Sitting back?


There’s definitely an easy way. Sitting back and basking in, relying on, living off yesterday’s effort. All the decisions and innovations and blind punts that went before. All the strain and stresses that got us in today’s groove. All the hard work and arguments that brought us to the point where we can even imagine hanging back for a bit, waiting for the calendar to tick around a notch or twelve, resting on our laurels, thinking … maybe we’re good.


Look again outside the window and notice that the world hasn’t stopped turning, that what was great yesterday is good today is behind the curve tomorrow. Try a little harder. Push a little higher. Tear up trees.


Easy or hard? Easy or hard? Good or great? Take what we got, aim for another level? Relax, strive?

Whatever you decide, it’s infectious.

Skippy strategy: Set the standard.