April 3, 2020

Slow-(no)-go days


A day at the beginning of the project is worth twenty four hours. A day at the end, pretty much the same.

You wouldn’t think of wasting a day at the end of the project, you don’t have the time, you’re crashing through all the last minute-ness of the thing, making sharp decisions and pulling things together. No time to muck about if we’re going to hit this deadline.

So why at the start? Take one of those slow-(no)-go days at the beginning to sit around a whiteboard and work out what you do and don’t know about this thing. Put the time in to setting things up – the philosophy, the vision, the working practices, the work ethics, the materials and systems and processes. Not that you’ll get them right, but that you’ll have done the work before it wastes more time.

Skippy strategy: Sit down and get going.