August 6, 2020

Snap judgement


In a crisis, the kind of crisis that can overwhelm an organisation, do nothing. Don’t panic, don’t make rash decisions on next to no information, don’t keep things to yourself, don’t exclude voices or ignore data points that aren’t consistent with the current narrative, don’t react to each and every variable. So, do nothing, at least nothing too hasty or knee-jerky.

In a crisis, the kind that can overwhelm your people, do something. Do stay calm, do make decisions based on the best information you can find and keep your ears open and your data gathering at maximum, no matter what you hear or fine. Share the intelligence, be as transparent with all the data and all the issues and all the thought processes. Communicate clearly.

There are very few crises that demand snap judgement and immediate reactions.

Skippy strategy: Don’t panic, don’t overreact, do share and use the data.