September 18, 2023

So it sits


Some things are small things that are easy to sort. A two minute fix. A simple email. Pick up the phone. The easy decision. You can deal with it, right now, and everyone can get on with the rest of their day. It’s so easy to fix that, hey, it’s such a trifle, you can do the necessary at any moment. Maybe later then. Maybe when the planets align. Maybe after everything else.

And so it sits.

Gathering dust.

Waiting for the perfect two minute window.

Waiting to get the tiny bit of attention it deserves.

And on the other side … misery. Your lack of hustle, your unwillingness to put in that two minutes, just cost them a whole day. Waiting. Waiting.

Or you could do it right now.

A two minute thing that takes, um, two minutes? Do it now.

Skippy strategy: Two minutes, right now.